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Contemporary Nepali Dictionary

The Samkalin Nepali Shabdkosh (Contemporary Dictionary of Nepali) has been compiled using the written corpora. As the first corpus-based dictionary of the language and also of any South Asian language, it has been produced as a digital on-line edition at first, and will be published later in a book form as well. Some of the major features of this dictionary include the following:

  1. List of words, with their variant spellings, frequencies and  concordances, derived from the written corpora using  the Xaira XML-aware text analysis software.
  2. The headwords in the dictionary have been selected from the wordlist using  standard lexicographic criteria.
  3. Meanings  of words have been determined by observing their concordances and  defined using a limited vocabulary as far as possible.
  4. Most  explanations (definitions) will be followed by examples to illustrate  the meaning of a word with these examples extracted from concordances.  
  5. The definition of compound words and various forms has been given on the basis of the head words.
  6. The meaning of the word is made clearer with the examples which are based on the corpus.
  7. The selected examples are either the phrase or the clause or the sentence.
  8. While extracting the examples, an attempt is made to select a simple and short one but if it is long, it has been made shorter without adding or correcting the original sentence or even the spelling of the word.
  9. We are aware not to include the examples which might make negative impression to an individual or a community or the concerned. If there are any, they will be replaced.
  10. There are 7605 words in the dictionary. 4710 of them are head words, 1889 various forms and 1006 compound words.

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